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Theatre Resume 

SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television & Radio Artists, USA)  AEA (Actors Equity Association, USA) , VÖFS (Association of Austrian Film Actors, Austria)

Height:  5'11"
Weight: 139
Eyes:  green-blue
Hair:  dark brown


New York (selective):

Twelve Angry Women

The Story of Herr Rath

The House of Bernarda Alba

If My Memories were Yours

The Road to Happiness

King Lear

The Seagull

No Exit


The Human Voice

Dig a Hole Find a Finger

They Came to a City

Spoon River Anthology

The Queen is Dead

An)Un Titled Bru/nch! e.e.Cummings

Vienna & Austria (selective):

Manhattan Blues

Auf den Henker Lauschen

Vor dem Gesetz

Der Nackte Schubert

Shakespeare's Vögel

Shakespeare's Faust

Shakespeare III

Heft Narrt Krähe


Heil'ge Hochzeit


Kathleen O'Neill, BOO - Arts

Kathleen O'Neill, BOO - Arts

Kathleen O'Neill, BOO - Arts

Mhari Sandoval, BOO - Arts

Markus Hirnigel, ACF

Ernest Abuba, La Mama e.t.c.

Pedro Salazar, Schapiro Theater

Robert Castle, The Producers' Club

Marcia Haufrecht, Common Basis Theater

Diane Cossa, Common Basis Theater

Brett Santry, Common Basis Theater

Ken Bachtold, Pulse Theatre

Ken Bachtold, International Midtown Festival

Tim Maner, HERE

Tim Maner, HERE

Sandra Schüddekopf, Wiener Salon Theater

Sandra Schüddekopf, Theater Beyond

Markus Kupferblum, Totales Theater

Christoph Braendle, Wiener Salon Theater

Christoph Braendle, Wiener Salon Theater

Christoph Braendle, Wiener Salon Theater

Christoph Braendle, Wiener Salon Theater

Aurelia Staub, Konnex

Erwin Piplits, Serapions Theater

Erwin Piplits, Serapions Theater


Juror # 4

Pauline Rath


Virginia Woolf

Magda Goebels/Narrator







Dorothy Stritton

several characters


Marion Morehouse

THE Actress

Pauline Rat

THE Visitor

Lady Josephine

Romeo, Hamlet, Othello


Lady Ann

Herta Kräftner

Ballet Dancer



Eva Zilcher, Adelheid Pillmann, Walter Lott/Vienna; School for Film & Television, Marcia Haufrecht, Richard Scanlon/New York; M.K.Lewis, Cherie Franklin a.o./Los Angeles; London School of Contemporary Dance/London.

Special Skills:

Trained anthropologist specialized in Haition/Vodou studies (Ph.D.); horseback riding, skating, skiing, yoga; modeling; Afro-Caribbean Dance; simulated patient, improvisation, teleprompter, voice over.

Languages: German, English

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